UNDIO FLCTD Innovation Challenge program  2020 for Electrical Energy Storage was implemented in collaboration with the Bureau of Energy of Effi­ciency (BEE) and is supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). UNIDO selected India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) as the  supporting partner and Customized Energy Solutions (India) as the Nodal Agency to support the Project Management Unit in Planning and Implementation of Innovation Challenge in Electrical Energy Storage. The Innovation Challenge covered thematic area of “Electrical Energy Storage Systems” in which applications were invited for innovative solutions on electrochemical batteries, supercapacitors, and critical components for electrical energy storage systems including power conversion system. The challenge received more than 100+ applications and 36 were shortlisted for final round. The challenge concluded with shortlisting of seven successful innovations.

Go Vidyouth Mobility Private Limited, Supriya Charging Infrastructure LLP, Cellprop Private Limited, Log 9 Materials Scientific Private Limited, V Flow Tech, Offgrid Energy Labs and Cancrie Private Limited were amongst the seven winners who were selected through a seven-step selection cycle.