On 13 December 2022, the Australian Microgrid Centre of Excellence (AMCOE) and the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) announced a new cooperation agreement to share information and work in a collaborative manner on the relevant issues regarding energy storage, microgrids and their development and integration.

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), was officially signed at 12:30 PM on 13 December 2022 in Delhi and was conducted at India Battery Manufacturing & Supply Chain Summit 2022.

Western Australia’s Investment and Trade Commissioner for India-Gulf, Nashid Chowdhury, was present for the signing. Led by Ms Chowdhury, the Invest and Trade Western Australia offices in India helped facilitate the agreement.

The agreement results from the remarkable growth in the trade relationship between India and Australia following the re-launch of Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (AI-CECA) negotiations, and the Invest and Trade Western Australia mission to India during from 12-19 July 2022 led by Deputy Premier and State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister Roger Cook.

“My congratulations to the AMCOE and IESA on formally agreeing to share information and collaborate on issues related to energy storage. As enablers in the development and implementation of reliable, economic and sustainable energy solutions through microgrids, Western-Australian-based AMCOE were a future-focused inclusion in our largest ever business delegation to India. More than six months on from our mission to India, we are continuing to see outcomes and the expansion of Western Australia’s relationship with India.”

The Australian Microgrid Centre of Excellence (AMCOE) is a Western Australian based world-first association which operates an innovation hub enabling the development and implementation of reliable, economic and sustainable energy solutions in the form of microgrids.Terry Mohn, Chairperson of the AMCOE, said:

“The microgrid industry is growing slowly, but steadily, around the world. A number of consortia have been established within various countries, but there has yet to be a unifying industry-led framework amongst them. In addition to strengthening ties between the energy sectors of Australia and India, this agreement will promote valuable economic and information exchange between our respective interests. The IESA’s focus on electric storage is particularly valuable in our industry as we incorporate more renewable energy supplies within microgrid systems. And AMCOE’s focus on regional and coastal resilient and economic energy systems will come to bear for developing countries, such as India. We are very pleased to establish this agreement between our two countries and especially our respective associations.”

The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) is membership driven alliance that promotes Energy Storage, electric mobility and Microgrid technologies and applications in India. IESA’s vision to make India a global leader in energy storage, electric vehicle & microgrid technology adoption and hub for R&D, manufacturing of these emerging technologies. Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director of IESA, said:

“This will create cooperation to work on advancing sustainable microgrid development in India through global collaboration and technology partnership between Indian and Australian companies. Currently, under MICRO (Microgrid Initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities) Initiative, IESA work with multiple stakeholders including the government, microgrid developers, technology providers, and local communities to create livelihoods through electrification. We see a huge opportunity to provide quality and reliable power supply to rural communities in India and similarly, IESA is also exploring opportunities to create campus microgrids in tier 2, and 3 cities, industrial hubs, and townships by developing distributed local renewable grids.”

This MoU provides for the continued strengthening of future cooperation between the AMCOE and the IESA in achieving common goals in the critical energy sector.

Source: https://australianmicrogrids.com/memorandum-of-understanding-signed-by-australian-microgrid-centre-of-excellence-amcoe-and-the-india-energy-storage-alliance-iesa/