CBAK Energy, JAC Motors join forces for developing new battery cells

CBAK Energy, JAC Motors join forces for developing new battery cells

CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. has announced that it has signed a three-year strategic agreement with Anhui Jianghuai Motors Group Co., Ltd ("JAC Motors") for joint product development.

The strategic agreement that CBAK Energy has reached with JAC Motors will combine the former's extensive experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of battery cells with the latter's technology capabilities and electric vehicle industry leadership. By leveraging their shared expertise in product development and applications of both automotive power batteries and battery pack technologies, the two companies plan to jointly develop cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and battery packs, including the 46800 model.

Under the agreement, the company will provide customized implementation solutions for power batteries and battery packs based on the latest technical requirements of JAC Motors. Additionally, the two companies will also establish a joint research and development team to design, test, and enhance the adaptability of their new products in electric vehicles. Besides, JAC Motors has committed to prioritizing the implementation of those batteries and battery pack systems jointly developed by the two companies for its future productions of electric vehicles.

The partnership will leverage the company's battery technology leadership and JAC Motors' world-class automotive R&D capabilities to accelerate the growth of both parties. More broadly, by working together, the two companies plan to advance the technology of automotive power batteries and actively explore the implementation of a partnership model that is both effective and capable of advancing their businesses going forward.