ABB to deliver its new 11 kW V2G bi-directional charging technology to France’s DREEV

ABB to deliver its new 11 kW V2G bi-directional charging technology to France’s DREEV

Image Courtesy: ABB

Switzerland-headquartered technology major ABB will supply its bi-directional charging technology to a Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) corporation project of France’s DREEV.

France’s DREEV is a joint venture between Électricité de France (EDF) and Nuvve, which specializes in intelligent charging for electric vehicles (EVs). As part of an agreement, ABB will supply its brand-new 11 kW bi-directional charging technology, particularly designed for V2G.

ABB’s solution integrated with DREEV software technology will facilitate EV drivers to transfer excess power back to the grid.

With latent to generate up to 20€/EV/month, V2G thereby moderates the total cost of ownership and further boosts the adoption of EVs. Also, Bi-directional chargers will help smooth the flow of uneven generation of electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind.

Remarking on the development, Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global business for E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions said, “ABB is a global market leader in fast-charging solutions. We are delighted to have the opportunity to support DREEV in its mission to actively participate in making the grid more resilient with V2G technology. Our cooperation with DREEV is one of the leading efforts worldwide to deploy real V2G technology to the field.”

Under the deal, ABB will supply V2G bi-directional kiosks in France, followed by installations in the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, and Germany.

The light and compact 11 kW charger delivers a quick and flexible charge and is fully compatible with current and future EVs. It meets the most stringent grid compliance requirements and is designed to be the global benchmark for V2G charging.

“The development of this intelligent bi-directional charging solution will be key in enabling the next step in the evolution of our e-mobility ecosystem and represents a key milestone in ABB’s sustainability strategy,” Muehlon further.

Speaking on the partnership, Eric Mevellec, CEO, DREEV, mentioned that, “V2G is a technology that requires both innovation and industrial capabilities. This cooperation with ABB is key to bring our solutions to the next level. We are now ready to accelerate commercial development.”

Limited electric cars presently support V2G, but it is anticipated to become a leading technology within the next 5 years. And with the number of EVs on the road projected to rise to 559 million by 2040 and 33 percent of the global fleet to be driven by electricity, the world’s energy ecosystem needs to develop to support this transition.

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