Nanotech Energy to mass produce non-flammable li-ion 18650 batteries in Q1 2021

Nanotech Energy to mass produce non-flammable li-ion 18650 batteries in Q1 2021

Photo Courtesy: Nanotech Energy Inc.

Nanotech Energy Inc. announces that the company will mass produce non-flammable, efficient, and fast-charging lithium-ion 18650 Batteries in the first quarter of 2021. These cell-type batteries are used in devices including, but not limited to, laptop computers, cordless power tools, safer electric vehicles, telecommunications, aerospace, and military applications. The company has commenced the booking of pre-orders.

Nanotech has perfected a high-performance graphene-powered battery that can withstand the volume changes of the battery electrodes during charge and discharge, greatly reducing the chances of an internal short circuit, which leads to a safe and more powerful battery. Furthermore, graphene batteries can reduce cost and weight with less robust safety housing and battery management system (BMS) systems.

Presently, most batteries that industries commonly use are produced with lithium-ion, which is universally recognized as a dangerous and hazardous material. In devices and products with built-in lithium batteries, such as cellular phones and laptops, pressure from parts surrounding the lithium batteries can cause damage to the wires around the batteries and lead to short-circuiting. When lithium-ion batteries get shorted, the energy from the battery gets released suddenly, causing the temperature to rise hundreds of degrees within milliseconds – resulting in the battery catching fire. Similarly, thousands of lithium batteries comprise the electric vehicle's battery pack. If all of these batteries ignite at the same time – something that has happened – the explosion is massive.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, chairman, and CEO of Nanotech Energy Inc. stated: "Most industries and end-users are confined to the technology of lithium-ion batteries, yet that technology is documented to be highly combustible and flammable. You have advanced and successful industries relying on a dangerous yet vital technology for decades. Nanotech Energy now offers a path toward a safe and more powerful battery technology – a game-changer for manufacturers and consumers."

Dr. Maher El-Kady, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nanotech Energy commented: "We perfected the battery by utilizing the extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties of graphene to increase the battery capacity. To further increase the safety of a lithium-ion battery, we took a step further by designing a non-flammable electrolyte that can withstand operation at high temperatures without catching fire."

Dr. Richard Kaner, Nanotech co-founder and UCLA professor of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering added: "Graphene is one of the strongest known materials – 200 times stronger than steel, is completely flexible, 97 percent transparent, and an excellent conductor of electricity and heat - thus preventing the battery from overheating."


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