Ampere Electric, CredR make switching old petrol scooters with e-2Ws easy

Ampere Electric, CredR make switching old petrol scooters with e-2Ws easy

Ampere Electric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Ltd recently announced a collaboration with CredR, an omni-channel two-wheeler used consumer brand to provide a hassle-free exchange of used two-wheelers for Ampere electric scooters.

According to the collaboration, while exchanging the scooter, CredR will offer instant quotes for old petrol scooters, reducing the upfront purchase price, thus facilitating easy switch to Ampere e-scooters. This exchange program will be launched in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad initially and will be soon expanded across other cities in India.

“As one of the leading EV brands in India, we are looking to enhance accessibility and affordability for e-2W buyers. Post unlock, we have seen good demand for Ampere e-scooters as reliable and affordable personal mobility solution,” said P Sanjeev, COO Ampere Electric.

“At this juncture, instant exchange scheme from CredR clubbed with unique leasing and low installments will only help more people buy an Ampere electric scooter,” he added.

Customers interested in the exchange program will need to bring in their old petrol two-wheeler for a physical inspection and valuation at any Ampere EV showroom. An instant price quote or estimate will be generated through the proprietary pricing application powered by CredR.

In the next steps, to complete the transaction, CredR will verify the documents and the health of the petrol version of the two-wheeler. The exchange price will then be adjusted against the final cost of the new Ampere Electric scooters.

“India’s Electric mobility landscape is going to change dramatically post COVID-19 pandemic and the sales are expected to rise,” said Sasidhar Nandigam, Chief Strategic Officer, CredR.

 “As the sales of overall two-wheelers will see a boom, there will also be a rise in sales of electric two-wheelers. Currently, electric mobility contributes to less than 1% of the two-wheelers market in the country that can only increase from here,” Nandigam noted.

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