Image courtesy- Exicom Power Solutions - MEXX BMS

Power and mobility solutions provider Exicom Power Solutions have announced the launch of two leading battery management system: MEXX – a top-of-the-line automotive-grade BMS and LITE – a value-engineered BMS.

Both, MEXX and LITE BMS are 100% made in India products designed to meet the growing demand for high-quality battery packs in the country.

“Mexx is our top of the line product which is designed for high demanding automotive applications. Mexx use of AEC Q100 qualified components or ASCIL-B* certification or industry-leading measurement accuracies, multiple redundant hardware and software safety features and high level of modularity makes it an ideal choice for BMS for auto OEM’s,” Mr. Nahata explained.

“On the other hand, LITE has been designed keeping in mind the wide breadth of requirements existing in the market – from low-speed vehicles to smart drivetrains to IoT enabled vehicles and fast-growing battery swapping market as well.”

LITE is best-suited for e-2Ws and low- and med-speed e-3Ws and can be used in other applications ranging from light electric vehicles, micro-mobility, and consumer applications of up to 80V.

Both MEXX and LITE come with telematics support and advanced cloud analytics to continuously monitor and configure the battery performance in real-time.

“We are proud that these technologies were fully developed in India by our R&D team and in partnership with NXP – world’s leading BMS chipsets provider and we believe it’s a big step in giving India freedom to go electric,” Mr. Nahata added.

Some of the key features of MEXX BMS are:

  • Supports from 7 cells up to 28 cells
  • Redundant voltage, temperature, and current protection
  • Adaptive charge control algorithm
  • Ready interface with Exicom’s Battery Disconnects Unit (BDU)
  • Supports multiple wake-up sources.
  • Proprietary multi-layer safety architecture for voltage, current and temperature
  • Plug and play support for Exicom’s telematics
  • Communication: 2 x CAN, BLE/ UART
  • 4 on-board temperature sensors, 8 configurable digital/analog inputs
  • Rich set of configurable parameters to adapt to different use cases
  • Black-box/Event Data Recorder & bookkeeping function
  • Extensive safety mechanisms such as open wire detection and fuse blown detection.

MEXX is extremely modular and chemistry agnostic, it can independently build batteries from 12V to 120V and support up to 1000V in battery architecture. MEXX BMS is compliant to global IEC & ISO electrical and mechanical standards, ASIL-B certified, and AEC Q100 qualified component. 

Some of the key features of LITE BMS are:

  • Supports from 5 cells up to 16 cells
  • Operating voltage range 8V to 80V 
  • Cell chemistry agnostic
  • Redundant voltage, temperature, and current protection    
  • Optimized for ultra-low-power battery applications
  • Chemical fuse for secondary over-voltage protection as per UL 2054
  • Integrated high power battery disconnect switch
  • Black-box/ Event Data Recorder & bookkeeping function
  • Supports multiple wake-up sources   
  • Rich set of configurable parameters to adapt to different use cases 
  • Isolated/non-isolated CAN Communication & BLE/UART  
  • Supports 5 analog inputs
  • Plug and play support for Exicom’s Telematics  
  • Unique BMS HW authentication for non-intelligent systems 
  • Configurable tamper detection mechanism    
LITE includes a unique hardware-enabled ultra-low leakage current that supports long storage life thereby making it ideal for battery swapping applications in the B2B segment. Further, LITE is also equipped with auto-detection firmware that enables the battery to work with minimal dependence on external vehicle systems, making it a good choice for non-CAN powertrains for commuter products.
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