Exicom launches MEXX battery management system

Exicom launches MEXX battery management system

Power and mobility solutions provider Exicom Power Solutions recently launched MEXX battery management system – a next-generation automotive grade BMS − that would help optimal management of battery packs in electric vehicles.

A BMS manages the output, charging, and discharging and provides notifications on the status of the battery pack thereby ensuring optimum utilization of EV battery. They also safeguard battery from damage.

Announcing the launch of MEXX, Anant Nahata, Director of Exicom Power Solutions commented: “Very proud to announce the launch of MEXX- industry's leading battery management system.”

“A 100% made in India product developed in-house by our fabulous R&D team, it ends your quest for best in class safety and performance,” Nahata added.

Some of the key features of MEXX BMS are:

  • Supports from 7 cells up to 28 cells
  • Redundant voltage, temperature, and current protection
  • Adaptive charge control algorithm
  • Ready interface with Exicom’s Battery Disconnects Unit (BDU)
  • Supports multiple wake-up sources.
  • Proprietary multi-layer safety architecture for voltage, current and temperature
  • Plug and play support for Exicom’s telematics
  • Communication: 2 x CAN, BLE/ UART
  • 4 on-board temperature sensors, 8 configurable digital/analog inputs
  • Rich set of configurable parameters to adapt to different use cases
  • Black-box/Event Data Recorder & book keeping function
  • Extensive safety mechanisms such as open wire detection and fuse blown detection.

The BMS’ extreme modularity features provide a vehicle and chemistry agnostic system, it can independently build batteries from 12V to 120V and support up to 1000V in battery architecture.

MEXX is compliant to global IEC & ISO electrical and mechanical standards, ASIL-B certified, and AEC Q100 qualified component.

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