Zoomcar, ETO Motors join forces to enhance shared e-mobility

Zoomcar, ETO Motors join forces to enhance shared e-mobility

Self-drive car rental service provider Zoomcar has announced that it has arrived into an agreement with Hyderabad-based electric mobility solutions provider ETO Motors to deliver an array of platform services for Zoomcar’s shared three-wheeler business. Under the agreement, Zoomcar will deliver its proprietary technology which accentuates security and maintenance of vehicles, while ETO Motors will own and operate electric three-wheelers for shared first-mile and last-mile passenger commute, as well as goods movement within cities, a company statement said.

"Through this partnership with ETO Motors, we aim to leverage our AI-based platform to facilitate large fleet operators to better manage their assets through greater vehicle safety and lower total operating cost," Zoomcar CEO & Co-Founder Greg Moran said.

Zoomcar's involvement will be in the form of its technology, comprising apps for customers and drivers combined with the experience of managing large scale mobility solutions, while, ETO will own and operate electric vehicles to provide unified mobility to customers.

"The next phase of collaboration between our respective companies with respect to the development of the co-branded digital platform will undoubtedly mark a significant step forward for the industry," ETO Motors CEO Biju Mathew said.

The platform will focus on the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) in three-wheelers, four-wheelers, and two-wheelers segment for first-mile, last-mile, intracity passenger, and goods movement across India.

It will help in the discovery of vehicles and ensure a safe commute for the passengers. The vehicles can also be geo-fenced and disabled remotely in case of any emergency, the statement said.

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