ION Energy partners with Wamtechnik for making an all-electric excavator

ION Energy partners with Wamtechnik for making an all-electric excavator

ION Energy, advanced battery management and intelligence platform provider yesterday announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Europe’s leading Lithium-ion battery pack maker Wamtechnik to make an all-electric excavator.

The partnership is expected to help Wamtechnik facilitate the deployment of its prototype electric excavator for an acclaimed European construction equipment and worksite technology builder.

"This collaboration with Wamtechnik has been instrumental in realizing ION's long-term growth and expansion targets and also in ushering emission-free and sustainable electrified automation,” said Akhil Aryan, co-founder, and CEO of ION Energy.

Wamtechnik required design factor and deployment of a range of compact electric construction equipment that would operate in subzero temperatures (as low as -20-degree Celsius) and ION Energy emerged as the key enabler for this achieving this objective.

The partnership between the two companies enables Wamtechnik to license ION’s BMS technology platform.

ION Energy's technology has utilized a 48V, 456Ah battery pack to power the primary model of the excavator. The battery pack is constructed using 10 parallel modules of a 14S16P cell configuration, to achieve the rated energy capacity.  

"ION has massively assisted our customer to overcome their critical challenge of operating the battery under extreme temperatures. The support and guidance that ION's team offered to us and our customers throughout the project was invaluable,” said Mr. Filip Gabryelewicz, Product Manager at Wamtechnik.

As per the statement ION's integrated battery management solutions along with its technological expertise in in-house hardware and firmware development capabilities, real-time data visualization, and customization made it a clear choice and ideal solution provider for Wamtechnik’s project.
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