Sony launches ‘no-name electric concept car’ at CES 2020

Sony launches ‘no-name electric concept car’ at CES 2020

The Japanese multinational conglomerate and electronics major Sony in a surprise move showcased its first concept electric car Sony Vision-S at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 held in Las Vegas.

Sony’s no-name concept car (Sony Vision S is the platform on which the car is built not the product name) is an electric concept sedan with as many as 33 different sensors inside and outside and its built to test Sony’s new connected car platform Vision -S.

As per CNet report, “the electric car is a prototype and isn't necessarily supposed to be an indication of Sony's ambitions to sell its own cars, at least not anytime soon.”

Reports suggests the car was built by Sony’s AI and robotics team. The platform, Vision-S capitalizes on Sony’s expertise in imaging, sensors, and entertainment which will be used in next-gen electric vehicles.

Currently, Sony already supplies these technologies to car manufacturers in Japan but hopes to develop its individual products into systems that can be supplied as an all-in-one solution. The company hasn’t specified yet what powers the Vision-S, or whether it shares a chassis or anything else with other vehicles.

It may not be Sony’s own electric car, but the auto world in the future can expect more electric cars built on its platform Vision-S.

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