Indian scientist awarded $ 2 million for his work on clean energy vehicle

Indian scientist awarded $ 2 million for his work on clean energy vehicle

An Indian-origin material scientist and nanotechnologist Ajayan Vinu has been awarded $ 2 million by the Indian Defence Ministry to develop carbon nitride nano materials for clean energy system requirements of the defence sector.

The global innovation chair and director at the University of Newscastle in Australia, Ajayan Vinu’s research on nano materials and his discovery of carbon nitrides with unique held could lay the foundation for solving the dual challenge of environmental pollution and fossil fuel depletion.

“It is a $ 2 million project with Indian defence authorities. It is on the selective capture of carbon dioxide with nano porous carbon-based systems,” said Vinu to the press.

“They have seen our work on the carbon capture, and they have grown interested in it. They were using some kind of material that was not that effective and they wanted to replace their existing adsorbent material in all their devices with our unique material,” he added.

Vinu’s work has led to development of technologies for conversion of carbon dioxide into fuel using sunlight and water and sodium ion batteries to power EVs.

As per reports, this is the first time the Indian Defence Ministry has awarded a defence research project to an Indian researcher based outside India.


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