Tata Motors ties-up with Lithium Urban Technologies to enter EV market in India

Tata Motors ties-up with Lithium Urban Technologies to enter EV market in India

Tata Motors on Monday signed a contract with Lithium Urban Technologies for co-development and supply of 500 electric vehicles in India.

As the first milestone, Tata Motors and Lithium have signed a contract for 400 newly launched Tigor Sedan EV, with an extended range of 213 km, to be supplied by FY20 and deployed across India held the official statement by Tata Motors. This partnership plans to additionally induct 100 electric vehicles, which would include cars to be launched in the near future, like Nexon EV for corporate leadership transport services.

 “This is not just the most significant milestone for Tata Motors’ E-Mobility Business, but also a big turning point in the EV market, which is now likely to see fleets electrify faster than ever before,” said Shailesh Chandra, President of E-mobility Business and Corporate Strategy at Tata Motors. “We are delighted to enter this partnership with Lithium, who are on their pragmatic journey of expanding their zero-emission transport service rapidly,” Chandra added.

The new Tigor E-sedan with an extended range of 213 km is certified by ARAI and is available for both, fleet and personal segment customers. The vehicle qualifies for FAME II incentives too and eligible commercial customers can avail of these benefits. 

“This partnership with Tata Motors will ensure availability of new form factors and enable the viability of new market segments across passenger, mass transit, and freight,” said Sanjay Krishnan, Founder of Lithium Urban Technologies. “Lithium would move quickly to integrate the company's paradigm-shifting LUTEC (LithiumUrbanTec) EV mobility utilization software with the new vehicles,” he added.

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