Energy Storage as a Service Part of Generation Evolution

Energy Storage as a Service Part of Generation Evolution

Hajabed said exactly that about the NRStor/Honeywell system: “Our overall objective, with no capital outlay from the customer, is to provide energy storage as a service.”

NRStor “knows the commercial and industrial market,” Ergin told POWER, noting the companies’ services are complementary. “We see this model expanding. When you look at today’s market, deregulated and decentralized, it’s different from back in the day when you had the utility selling power to customers. Today you have multiple players managing demand and supply. We think with our operations platform, we can optimize the operations of these commercial and industrial customers. More and more you see the distributed assets producing the power. [C&I customers] are looking at asset owners like NRStor to come in and manage the service, manage storage on the demand side, and provide a long-term solution based on certain outcomes. And it’s important for the technology provider to have skin in the game.”

Ergin said the platform can handle several tasks. “The whole idea is to put different models on top of it,” he said. “Solar plus storage, wind plus storage. The platform can do energy management, and supervisory control, for DERMS (distributed energy resources management systems), VPP (virtual power plants), all of this is in one single platform. We start with the immediate asset, the energy storage, and add more capabilities as we go along.”

Hajabed concurred. “This can help businesses meet sustainability targets and capture more revenue from the value stack, with non-wire alternatives.”

Ergin echoed the sentiments of several of the speakers at the Salt Lake City event who touted the future of energy storage.

“This is the beginning,” he said, “and it’s going to gain traction.”