During the course of Tesla Motors first-quarter 2018 earnings call, the company CEO Elon Musk teased a potential gigantic 1 GWh energy storage project which is likely to be announced soon.

While talking about Tesla’s forthcoming announcement of a new record-breaking potential 1 GWh energy storage project which appears to be on the cards in the near future, Musk hinted that the mammoth energy storage project would be manifold larger than any other existing energy storage project in the world.

The comments about the upcoming announcement about Tesla’s 1 GWh energy storage project were made by Musk while talking about the impact of the deployment of the giant 129 MWh Powerpack project in South Australia. Musk said that the giant battery has the ability to respond at the millisecond level.

Asserting that the 129 MWh Powerpack project in South Australia has had “quite a profound effect,” Musk said: “The utilities that we’ve worked with thus far have really loved the battery pack and I feel confident that we’ll be able to announce a deal at the gigawatt-hour scale within a matter of months. So, it’s 1,000-megawatt-hours…”

Musk’s hint about the upcoming announcement by Tesla with regard to the potential deployment of a massive 1 GWh energy storage project was an important detail shared during the company’s recent earnings call, but the teaser was evidently overlooked while reporting the proceedings at the event.