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Chennai: In a decisive push for sustainable energy, Tamil Nadu's Minister for Industries, Investment Promotion, and Commerce, Dr. T.R.B. Rajaa, unveiled the state's bold ambition to enhance its renewable energy capacity to 75%. "Tamil Nadu is currently at 50% green energy, with a combination of 40% solar and 50% wind energy. We are pushing to increase this to 75%," the minister said at the inauguration of EnVision, India's first energy festival, held at IIT Madras Research Park. The two-day event, hosted by IIT Madras Research Park and the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), attracted over 500 delegates to discuss and accelerate India's transition to sustainable energy.

Dr. Rajaa also spoke about the initiatives for green hydrogen and offshore wind energy, with plans for a 10 GW deployment. Emphasizing the importance of climate consciousness, he mentioned the Tamil Nadu government's efforts to inculcate it across all societal levels, supported by a 1000 Cr TN green fund for developing green products. Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President of IIT Madras Research Park, highlighted the urgency of the situation, stating, "India is the world's third-largest in GHG emissions. We need to urgently move towards fossil-free energy." He pointed out the impact of climate change on low-income populations and the importance of making green energy economically viable.

The two-day conference features brainstorming sessions on solar technology, micro-nuclear energy, and heating and cooling systems, all geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, a workshop focusing on 'Lab to Market for Net-Zero technologies' is part of the event's agenda. EnVision, beyond being a discussion forum, is set to be a catalyst in India's transition to clean energy, with over 50 top energy voices from various sectors participating. The conference covers over 10 thematic areas crucial for renewable energy technology commercialization, including green buildings, solar manufacturing, and climate policy. The event also showcases the latest climate tech solutions, demonstrating India's commitment to achieving its net-zero energy ambitions.

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