Every year, on September 22, the World Energy Storage Day (WESD) is commemorated to recognise the advancement of energy storage, which is at the forefront of clean energy transition for both transportation sector and electric grid (www.energystorageday.org). WESD movement was started in 2017 to recognise the importance of energy storage in reaching the global aim of a greener grid and cleaner transportation. It brings together Industry stakeholders, CXOs, Policymakers, Thought leaders, Think tanks, and Associations on a single platform every year. The 24-hour marathon event will be held virtually on September 22, 2022, which is supported by 30+ global organisations.
This biggest international event, featuring 150+ prominent speakers from 30+ countries, is organized by Customized Energy Solutions (CES) and India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA). The annual global conference & expo, which is in its 6th annual year now, will be a virtual event bringing together industry veterans, policymakers, researchers, and professionals on a single platform to deliberate on the policy landscape, R&D, roadmap, and outlook for the energy storage, e-Mobility and green hydrogen industry globally. The conference will cover 16-panel discussions covering four global regions, APAC, Indian Subcontinent, EMEA and Americas. Each region will have four sessions: stationary energy storage, e-mobility & enabling infrastructure, green hydrogen, and manufacturing & supply chain.
Like every year, WESD is anticipating participation of 1000s of participants including 100s of CXOs from leading companies as well as some of the top industry minds, researchers, and policymakers from 100+ countries. The intention of these deliberations is to facilitate bilateral trade, support market development, promote new research and innovation in the industry and exchange learnings from best practices and use-cases.
The event will host 10 workshops on- Battery Recycling, Mini Grid and Social Equity supported by MICRO and ARE, Workforce Development and Jobs in Energy Storage, ESS Modelling & Optimization supported by CES, Long Duration ESS supported by LDES and US DOE, Solar + Storage supported by NSEFI, Giga factory Supply Chain, Urban Air Mobility, Women in Energy, Battery Fire in EV & ESS supported by UL Research Institutes.
Dr Rahul Walawalkar, Chair, WESD and President & Managing Director, Customized Energy Solutions (CES), India comments “WESD was founded in 2017 with a vision that we all can learn from each other and by celebrating advances, we can accelerate the pace of adoption of clean energy technologies and emobility around the globe. I am excited to see the growing support for the WESD movement over past 6 years and am grateful for the overwhelming support from 30+ partners in building this as a global movement. I am looking forward to learning from top experts and hope that WESD will help faster adoption of advanced energy storage and emobility technologies around the globe.”
Every year WESD offers startups across the globe a chance to showcase their product and technologies to key industry stakeholders, connect with investors & network with mentors and industry leaders. This year too, WESD will host the Global Startup Showcase 2.0 in the areas of Smart Energy, Energy Storage, Electric Mobility, Energy Access, Green Hydrogen and IoT. The showcase is supported by New Energy Nexus and Climate Collective. This year, the 12 startups shortlisted to pitch at the WESD 2022 are: LiNa Energy, Trinano technologies Pvt Ltd, AgriVijay, MACLEC, Sheru, WindSoHy, LLC, Brise Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Perryman Technologies Research, EarthEn, ZVS International Private Limited, SolidT and One Point Five Dc Private Limited. These selected startups will now get an opportunity to pitch at the main event. Investors get the opportunity to make suitable investments in potential start-ups while the mentors get an opportunity to participate in mentoring and evaluation of global emerging start-ups.