Green hydrogen and advanced batteries could achieve deeper decarbonisation within industry, IESA suggests

Green hydrogen and advanced batteries could achieve deeper decarbonisation within industry, IESA suggests

The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has suggested that the utilisation of green hydrogen and advanced batteries will help the region achieve deeper decarbonisation within industry.

India has already emerged as one of the lowest cost renewable energy leaders and the Indian Government plans to achieve 450GW of renewable energy deployment by 2030.

Green hydrogen can provide the additional demand that is needed to enable renewable energy to decarbonise deeply into industrial, petrochemical and fertiliser sectors.

It is also expected that the green hydrogen projects will increase the demand for batteries as electrolysers needing continuous green electricity for optimal operation.

The IESA anticipates that the Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Manufacturing Program and Hydrogen Mission can enable India to fast-track decarbonisation of the grid, heavy-industries and the transportation sector within the current decade.

As well as this, the IESA closely works with various international alliances & organizations from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, South Africa, MENA, Norway, Scotland, Finland, Australia, and other countries to promote bilateral partnership, technology transfer and global collaboration.

The IESA has signed memorandum of understandings with MENA Hydrogen Alliance and with Greenstat Hydrogen India to accelerate the development of Hydrogen in India.

Dr Rahul Walawalkar, President of the India Energy Storage Alliance said, “We aim to leverage our industry building experience to help India explore and seize the opportunities in the emerging hydrogen market.

“This is the decade for Indian industries to invest in early-stage technologies and make India a global hub for manufacturing, deployment and R&D of advanced energy storage technologies including green hydrogen.

“We at IESA, are continuously working on addressing the challenges ahead and formulate a way forward in collaboration with the industry and the government.

“Green Hydrogen is the next big revolution in the energy storage story and IESA is fully committed to India’s potential to be a Green Hydrogen powerhouse.

“IESA is dedicating significant resources to support India’s hydrogen mission and already concluded three international roundtables and two events highlighting India’s renewed focus.

“IESA has also roped in Mr. Kowtham Raj VS, energy storage expert from the National Think-Tank NITI Aayog as Director of New Initiatives to lead the green hydrogen activities.”


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