IESA @ NAATBatt 2013 Annual Members Meeting

IESA @ NAATBatt 2013 Annual Members Meeting

The NAATBatt (National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries) conducted it's 2013 Annual Members Meeting and Symposium at Hotel Renaissance, Austin, TX from January 16th to 18th 2013. The sessions were attended by Aditya Jammi, Director - IESA. On the first day, the sessions were started with NAATBatt board of directors meeting, followed by a pre-symposium workshop on Maritime applications for advanced battery systems. 

The second day sessions focussed on improving the efficiency in battery systems, modeling and monitoring the performance of cells within a battery system, measuring and managing the safety of battery packs, energy trading and risk management, challenges in aggregating distributed energy storage on the grid, battery research at the university of Texas, a presentation by DoE on learnings from the DES demonstration projects, Energy storage and Information technology, among other pertinent areas. The key highlight of the evening was that Professor Dr. John Goodenough, known as the father of the Li-Ion battery, was honored with the life time achievement award at a special dinner.  

The third day sessions were focussed on case studies with DES deployment, ARPA-E's battery management system project were discussed in the forenoon, followed by communications between the battery system the vehicle and the grid, monitoring the health and state of charge of cells in a battery system, using storage to buffer distributed generation and EV charging, issues in Power Electronics for on and off grid storage. The day ended with a session on electricity storage in Texas and what the experience has been so far.
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