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A DIY Hybrid Solution: OneBox comes with inbuilt charge controller, hybrid inverter and most importantly Li-Rack Eco: The Worlds Smartest Lithium Battery. OneBox is available in both single phase and three phase system with capacity ranging from 3kVA to 90kVA. It has efficient batteries which can be charged upto 75% in 15 mins due to which longer duration backup may not be required under intermittent power cuts. OneBox is based on Active Cell Balancing technology for best performance and life expectancy, and remote monitoring via Ethernet. The Active Balancing feature and IoT capabilities along with predictive monitoring which helps the end user as the life of the battery is increased, enhanced reliability.As we monitor cell level data "Predictive Monitoring" helps us to predict 15 days in advance that the battery will be non-functional or needs repair/replacement. We generally give all the customers an email in advance.It is an integrated system to give you completely uninterrupted power and zero blackout. It is a flicker free system Which keeps your device safe during power spikes. The life expectancy of OneBox is ~10 years which is very high as compared to the other systems present in the market. OneBox systems can be installed everywhere that is in rural areas, Hotels, Hospitals, offices, industries and last but not the least, in our homes. OneBox substitutes Diesel Generator, Ups-Battery & Stabilizer effectively. OneBox Gives an ROI to 1.7 to 3yrs depending upon the size of the system. More the use faster is the ROI.

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