Electric Vehicle Charging Station 60KW DC Charger with CCS 2 Connector

Vrinda Nano Technologies Pvt Ltd
On Request

Capacity - 60KW DC
Input AC 3 Phase 415V
Output DC 200-750V DC

Connector – As per CCS 2 - Qty 1

Key Features
Communication – CAN Based (Charger to Vehicle)
Communication – OCPP 1.6 (Charger to CMS)
Network Connectivity – Ethernet, Wi-fi, 2G/3G/4G
Dimension – 1600(H) x 600(W) x 500(D)
Mechanical – IP55 for Outdoor use
Electrical – Efficiency 95%
User Authentication – Passkey/RFID/QR code
Cooling – Forced Air Cooled
Wide input Voltage range Suitable for all areas
Inbuilt type 1+2 Lightning & Surge Protection

CCS2 Charging Connector