Pluss Advanced Technology is proud to announce inclusion of Nidhi Agrawal, Researcher, PCM Group, in the EmTech MIT  Innovators Under 35  from India  list for the year 2016. This annual event since 1999, is organized by MIT technology review. This year MIT partnered with MINT to hold the India Edition of EmTech.The selected eight innovators from India will advance to the Global TR Under 35 competition which in the past has honored brilliant people like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin among several others.

The jury for this event included acclaimed names from academic institutions, big technology companies and industry bodies. The participants were chosen from very diverse fields including biomedicine, transportation, computing, energy, communications, etc.

The recognition is a boost to the field of distributed Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Materials (PCM). Pluss pioneered the development of PCM in India and currently offers an entire range from -33 deg C to +89 deg C. The award recognizes the effort of the entire R&D team towards development of the science of PCMs and creating applications of thermal energy storage across sectors ranging from Medical devices to Building Energy Efficiency or even solar energy storage.

Nidhi and her group are currently working on a building energy efficiency project as part of the Partnership for Advancement of Clean Energy – Research (PACE-R) – a joint project between the US Dept of Energy and DST, India. Centre for Environment Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad is the India project lead wherein PCM materials are being incorporated in Buildings as additional PCM tiles as well as in part of the cement concrete mix to be able to reduce energy loads during peak hours. This will also enable buildings without active air conditioning to provide more comfortable environments.

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