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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited implemented Microgrid Project in Tayabpur, a village in the Vaishali district of Bihar having an estimated 190 hutments with a population of around 1000 to accomplish the vision of providing access of electricity to all. The project is in line with the Government of India’s Electrification program which aims to provide “electricity to all” by establishing a stand alone off-grid village electrification system where grid supply has not reached or is not feasible. Inaugurating the Microgrid, Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. said, “Today, electricity is recognised as a basic need for realising the objective of sustainable human development. Rural electrification is a key component for facilitating economic progress including meeting socio-economic goals and overall human development in the villages. This project aims to develop a novel Solar Microgrid model suitable to our Indian conditions and support electrification which is affordable, sustainable and helps us to reach remote rural areas. We hope through implementation of the Tayabpur project we will have a model for installing and developing smart Microgrids in the country ensuring access to affordable, reliable and consistent energy for all.” (Source:
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