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 BMW to introduce i Home Charging Services & energy storage system concept at CES

BMW has announced plans to introduce their i Home Charging Services at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Designed to maximize to use of renewable energy, the updated BMW i Wallbox Pro charger uses solar power whenever it is available. When the sun goes down - or solar panels aren't installed - the vehicle is automatically charged at the cheapest off-peak rates. BMW says this could save U.S. customers up to $800 (€671 / £525) a year.

According to project manager Julian Lienich, “Our aim is to make mobility as cheap as possible for users and to allow them to maximize their use of green power – but without having to organize everything themselves.”

Besides introducing the new charging system, BMW will showcase a "stationary energy storage system" that uses repurposed BMW i batteries. Described as a concept product, the storage system collects solar energy so it can later be used to charge an electric vehicle or power a house. As the company explains, "the ability to use solar energy, regardless of time of day, helps households to achieve higher levels of energy self-sufficiency and to minimize the impact of rising energy prices."

(Source: World Car Fans)

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