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Grid-scale product now commercially available in U.S. market, with global release to follow

Eos Energy Storage today announced the commercial availability of its MW-scale Aurora system for deliveries starting in 2016. Eos’s standard Aurora 1000|4000 product, a containerized 1 MW DC battery system providing four continuous hours of discharge, offers a cost-effective energy storage solution competitive with gas peaking generation and utility distribution infrastructure. The Aurora 1000|4000 will be sold at a price of $160/kWh in volume.

“This system represents the culmination of many years of development and collaboration with our Genesis Partners to design a product with a clear value proposition,” said Eos CEO Michael Oster. Eos’s Genesis Partners include some of the largest utilities in the U.S. and Europe, including Consolidated Edison, NRG, PNM, AEP, Enel, GDF SUEZ, and National Grid.

The Aurora product employs Eos’s patented ZnythTM battery technology that uses a safe aqueous electrolyte and a novel zinc-hybrid cathode to enable extremely low-cost electricity storage and long life. Eos’s grid-scale product is designed to reliably integrate renewable energy, improve grid efficiency and resiliency, and reduce costs for utilities and consumers.

As Eos’s manufacturing capacity ramps up, the company expects to deploy an aggregate of 1 MW of capacity over a series of projects in 2015, beginning with Consolidated Edison and GDF SUEZ, and including a project with Pacific Gas & Electric funded by the California Energy Commission.

The Aurora system’s commercial availability will improve the competitiveness of developers bidding into the PG&E and SCE solicitations due this quarter. “A large number of inquiries regarding the California storage opportunities prompted us to make this announcement,” explained Eos President Steve Hellman. “We believe in full transparency around availability and pricing; we hope in this manner to provide the best product and the best value to our partners and customers.”

Eos is working with major power controls and integration partners to sell, install, and maintain AC-integrated battery systems through its Aegis Program, which includes Toshiba, Gamesa Electric, and others. “We’re delighted to work with some of the largest suppliers of utility equipment in the world to provide the lowest cost turn-key energy storage solution in the market,” said Hellman. The program is structured such that Eos supplies the containerized DC battery and battery management system while the Aegis Partners provide the power control systems and integration layer, and take responsibility for installation, operation, and maintenance.

Eos will work with the Aegis partners to support bids into California’s energy storage RFPs and plans to announce further details of the program in the coming weeks. For more information, please visit, or to place an order email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Eos Energy Storage

Eos is developing a low-cost energy storage solution for electric utilities, with additional applications in commercial and industrial, telecom, and residential markets. Eos’s mission is to produce safe, robust, cost-effective energy storage solutions that are less expensive than incumbent alternatives, such as gas turbines for power generation. Eos is located in Edison, NJ, and New York, NY. More information is available at

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