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Cutting-Edge Clean Technology Solution Will Reduce Summer Electricity Demand, Improve Reliability, and Save Over 80% Versus Comparable Transmission Line Upgrade

Boothbay Energy Storage System

Convergent Energy + Power, an integrated energy storage asset developer, has announced the completion and commissioning of a 3 MWh energy storage system in Boothbay, Maine. This is the first of many projects Convergent anticipates deploying in the New England region, and it represents a significant step forward in the transformation of Maine’s electricity infrastructure.

Convergent developed the battery storage project as a “non-transmission alternative” under a program administered by Maine-based solar power developer GridSolar. “This pilot program deploys a variety of localized energy solutions, of which Convergent’s battery system is the largest single component, to cost-effectively alleviate peak summer power reliability issues in the Boothbay area,” said Rich Silkman, CEO of GridSolar.

Upgrading the overloaded transmission line that connects the Boothbay Region to Maine’s broader electricity grid would have required extensive permitting and development, at five times the cost. Convergent’s storage system provided a rapidly deployable alternative, with an execution timeline of six months from procurement to commissioning. In addition to providing grid stability and resilience, Convergent’s energy storage system is also completely emissions-free, an important attribute for Boothbay as a summer tourist destination.

“This is a groundbreaking project that uses a location-specific, third-party owned and operated energy storage asset to defer a far more expensive upgrade to the traditional transmission and distribution system,” said Johannes Rittershausen, Convergent’s CEO. “The Boothbay project demonstrates that the electricity grid can be improved and made more reliable in a clean, efficient way — while saving electricity users money.”

Convergent partnered with Lockheed Martin and C&D Technologies to engineer the integrated battery, power electronics and software system. “Energy storage is the least-cost, best-fit solution for a greener and more reliable grid in many applications,” said Brad Fiebig, Manager of Business Development for Lockheed Martin’s energy storage business. “This system was tailored specifically for the Boothbay community, and will provide a dependable source of power when it’s needed most.”

The Boothbay community also benefited economically, with local companies providing all civil, structural, and electrical work. “Convergent’s project has been wonderful for the town of Boothbay. It has created work for local businesses and helped make our power grid more reliable and affordable. We’re thrilled to have this new, green technology in our community,” said Dan Bryer, Boothbay Town Manager.

“Boothbay is just the beginning — and a proof point of the value and savings available with targeted energy storage,” says Convergent’s Rittershausen. “Utilities everywhere can take advantage of these solutions to reliably, responsively, and in an environmentally friendly way overcome expensive grid infrastructure challenges.”

About Convergent Energy + Power
Convergent Energy + Power is a technology-neutral energy storage asset developer with experience across a wide range of projects, from commercial and industrial applications to MW-scale grid-level systems. The company provides project-specific opportunity identification and economic evaluation, contract and financial structuring, design, engineering, procurement and construction, as well as operations and maintenance.

Source: Convergent Energy Official Website

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