India Energy Storage Alliance was invited to join a special task force for set up by Central Electricity Authority of India. The Task Force for integration of Electricity from renewable Energy sources has been created specially to form policy recommendations related to continued growth of renewables in Indian grid. Taskforce will work to 

  • Identify existing and new generation sources capable of meeting the balancing power requirements for integration of renewable energy sources in view of the variability in loads and generation based on renewable sources.
  • Identification of avenues to promote demand response, pumped hydro energy storage, gas engine capacity and future technology required for energy storage in terms of Compressed air system, battery storage etc.
  • Identify the impact of connectivity of Renewable Energy in the grid on the quality of power and recommend suitable measures therefor.
  • Identify and recommend suitable measures for the formulation of policy guidelines with regard to the functions, roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders involved.

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar was invited to present on the overview of the latest energy storage technologies and insights from utilization of energy storage for renewable integration around the world at the 2nd meeting of the taskforce.

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