The Self-Contained 2nd Generation MHPS-80 Cuts Diesel Fuel Consumption By Up To 70%.

INDIANAPOLIS – (May 15, 2014) – EnerDel, Inc., a leader in lithium-ion energy storage systems, has successfully delivered its 2nd Generation Mobile Hybrid Power System (MHPS) to the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineer Research and Development Center(USACE-ERDC) in Champaign, Illinois. EnerDel’s MHPS with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) offers exceptional fuel savings and return-on-investment (ROI) by providing up to a 70% reduction in diesel fuel consumption compared to stand-alone generators.

USACE-ERDC has commissioned, and is currently validating, EnerDel’s MHPS-80 at their simulated Forward Operating Base. ”The implementation of the MHPS will introduce game-changing solutions in markets dependent on diesel fuel”, stated Michael Canada, EnerDel’s Interim CEO and COO.

EnerDel’s 2nd Generation MHPS-80

The highly configurable MHPS-80, as delivered to USACE-ERDC, features an onboard charging generator, lithium-ion battery storage system, power inverter, and DC input for wind and solar. It is self-contained in a military-grade custom steel trailer, complete with two (2) ABC fire extinguishers and automatic fire suppression system in the BESS compartment. 

Operationally, the MHPS commands its onboard generator to recharge the lithium-ion BESS in response to variable load demands. The stored energy from the battery system is then used as the main power source to the load.  This architecture, seamlessly controlled by the MHPS, dramatically reduces generator runtime, diesel fuel consumption, and overall deterioration of the generator.

Easy to use, safe and scalable, the MHPS systems have consistently demonstrated up to 70% reduction of diesel fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is further reduced when equipped with renewable energy-sources or when operating in ‘silent watch mode’ and relying solely on the BESS to power loads. “This level of reduction enables end users to realize significant fuel and operational cost savings immediately after placing units in service. This delivers a fast ROI and drives quick adoption by the target markets.  The economic savings are eclipsed only by the decreased risk to the human lives involved in transporting and handling diesel fuel,” said Rafael Gutierrez, EnerDel’s Sr. Vice President of Stationary Sales.

The MHPS is a highly configurable power solution for Law Enforcement, Disaster Relief, Contingency Power, Uninterrupted Power (UPS), Road Construction, Mining Operations, Oil Platforms, Construction, and Rural Electrification. The MHPS is configurable to fit on a trailer or a skid-mount, and meets applicable industry standards (UL, IEC, NEC, UN, ICBO). EnerDel offers an optional remote tethered Human Machine Interface (HMI), with an encrypted wireless device that can be plugged into an Ethernet port for secure communications from a secure computer network. Made in Greenfield, Indiana, EnerDel’s MHPS is Buy American Act compliant. Long-term service agreements and extended warranties are available as options on most EnerDel power solutions.

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