India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) Partnered with newly launched Australian Energy Storage Council for Energy storage India(ESI) Conference 

A new peak body for the energy storage sector in Australia has been established under the aegis of the Australian Solar Council, with the goal of ensuring the local industry keeps pace with international developments.

John Grimes, CEO of the Australian Solar Council, will also serve as CEO of the Energy Storage Council, whose role will complement that of the renewable energy body behind its founding.

The launch of the Energy Storage Council by the Australian Solar Council is apt given the immense importance of energy storage technologies to the deployment of renewable energy.

Because solar and wind power facilities are dependent upon often fickle weather conditions to generate electricity, enhanced storage technologies are needed to help save energy for usage when the sun isn’t shining or the air remains at a standstill.

Grimes nonetheless sees the new industry body as playing far more than just an ancillary support role for the Australian Solar Council and the industry it represents.

“The time is right for this organisation to be developed in its own right and it will be guided by its membership and the needs of the energy storage sector beyond solar applications,” he said.

“Energy storage brings exciting new opportunities for the energy industry and energy consumers. Deployed wisely it can significantly bring down electricity cost and make the electricity network more robust, flexible and reliable.

” The Australian Energy Storage Council sees the creation of  industry standards and protocols for incorporating energy storage into the grid as one of its vital roles at the outset, as part of efforts to ensure that the Australian energy utilities remains abreast of the latest technological developments.

“It is important that energy utilities engage with energy storage sooner rather than later,” Grimes said. “Too often the energy sector ignores emerging technology trends and is blindsided when they are deployed widely.” 

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