Seminar on Energy storage in emerging energy ecosystem – Leveraging Norwegian expertise

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New Delhi, Delhi, India
14th Nov 2018

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Venue: Royal Norwegian Embassy, 50- C Shantipath, Chanakayapuri , New Delhi

Preamble: Energy storage, owing to increased affordability and sustainability has become a most talked about aspect of emerging energy ecosystem. Energy storage has potential to disrupt the way electricity is consumed and dissipated today thereby facilitating a completely new, decentralized and democratic electricity markets and associated ecosystem.

By facilitating integration of renewable energy, storage also helps in unlocking renewable potential through arbitrage opportunities and ancillary services. Optimization of energy markets by leveraging on energy storage will help lower the Total cost of   ownership of renewables and in process enhancing the profitablity of energy storage systems.

Energy storage be it hydropower, stationery batteries or batteries on wheels if implemented under stimulating business models will have disruptive impact on peaking plans, intermittency of wind and solar, diesel generation, mini grid operations and technical parameters such as voltage and frequency regulation. Energy storage can be applied centrally on utility scale power plants or its utility can be unlocked by leveraging decentralized energy storage available with end consumer in form of EVs and rooftop batteries. Decentralized storage further offers added advantage of more accurate distance based transmission pricing, deferred transmission investments and birth of prosumer driven energy markets.

IESA has estimated that energy storage market in India will evolve to touch 300 GWh during 2018-25. Various companies have planned GW scale factories in Li-Ion batteries and assembly units in India over next 5 years entailing an investment in excess of 4 Billion USD. The Indian government has also displayed strong support to storage with FAME initiative , energy storage roadmap ( draft ) , national microgrid policies , energy storage standards and national smart grid mission. The much awaited National storage energy mission by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy shall set the tone for accelerated development in this domain. India is also congnizant of the need for strong Industry focused research in this area and the recent call on mission innovation #1 by Department of science and technology is a commendable step in this direction.

Norway, also known as “battery of the Europe”  on the other hand has been a pioneer in energy storage be it traditional hydropower or use of EVs to offer flexibility to the grid. Norwegian hydropower is complementing wind generation from Germany. Norway, having highest EVs penetration globally is has already instigated pilots on  V2G , V2B  and P2P energy trading and flexibility models.  Similar Hydrogen is also finding its way in Norwegian economy as an alternative to battery storage and fuel cells are being used for both energy and transportation purpose. Many research bodies, Industry and academia are exploring possible areas of storage application such as ESaaS , MaaS , Hydrogen etc.

Keeping in mind India’s aspiration to be embrace energy storage as  integral to its energy system and Norway’s global leadership in energy storage , it is proposed to hold a one day  workshop focusing on Industry and business to demonstrate current happening in energy storage in Norway and India and promote cross learning and collaboration for future projects

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10:00 to 10:10

Opening remark by Honorable Ambassador, Royal Norwegian Embassy

10:10 to 10:20

Opening remark by Shri S. K. Varshney, Adviser & Head, International Bilateral Cooperation, Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology (TBC)


Dr. Sanjay Bajpai, Head (Technology Mission Division : Energy & Water), Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology

10:20 to 10:40

Setting the tone – India’s journey in Energy Storage space: The journey so far and road ahead.

By Dr Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director and Founder, IESA

10:40 to 11:00

Policy and regulatory framework for promotion of Energy Storage in India  - Commission’s Perspective

By Dr S.K Chatterjee  , Chief ( Regulatory )  , Central Electricity Regulatory Commission  (TBC )

11:00 to 11:20

Policy & Standards development in Indian Energy storage & EV space

Seema Saxena, Chief Engineer (Research & Development), Central Electricity Authority (CEA)

11:20 to 11:40

Tea Break

11:40 to 12:00

Integrating EV for flexibility management in Grids

By Mr Odd Olav Askeland , BKK Norway

12:00 to 12:20

Integrating smart battery storage at grid edge By Dr Ole J. Soerdalen , Chief Innovation Officer,  Pixii AS

12:20 to 12:40

Hydro as natural energy storage source By Rahul Varshney , Director – Statkraft India

12:40  to 13:00

Presentation by DNVGL (TBC)

13:00 to 14:00


14:00 to 14:20

Energy Storage - DISCOM Perspective by Jitendra Nalwaya, Head (Sustainability & Clean Technology)

14:20 to 14:40

India’s first grid scale 10MW energy storage at TPDDL : A case perspective by Dr Ganesh Das , Head , Smart Grids, TPDDL

14:40 to 15:00

Coffee break

15:00 to 15:15

Presentation by Research Council of Norway “ how Norwegian Public system is supporting Energy Storage development activities “ from Research perspective.

15:15 to 15:35

Presentation by Pernille Merethe Sire Seljom , Researcher , Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) on “energy storage and the future role of Norwegian flexibility” being done in collaboration with TERI

15:35 to 15:50

Functional Materials for Hybrid Ion Capacitors by Dr. M. M. Shaijumon, Associate Professor, IISER Thiruvananthapuram

15:50 to 16:05

Interwoven Carbon Nanotube wires for High Performing, Mechanically Robust, Washable and Wearable Supercapacitors by Dr. Chandramouli Subramaniam, Associate Professor, IIT Bombay

16:05 to 16:20

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Renewable Energy Storage by Dr. Anil Verma, Associate Professor, IIT Delhi

16:20 to 16:35

Pilot Scale Production of Aerogel Supercapacitor for Energy Storage Application by Dr. Nimai Chand Pramanik, Scientist, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY), Govt. of India

16:35 to 16:50

Smart Grid Initiatives in India by Dr.B. K. Panigrahi, Professor, IIT Delhi

17:05 to 17:35

Roundtable discussion Moderated by Dr Rahul  Walawalkar , ED, IESA


a. Odd Olav Askeland, BKK

b. Ole Jacob , co-founder Pixiee


d. EXICOM/ Delta/ Sterling & Wilson (TBC)

17:35 to 17:45

Closing remarks by Innovation Norway / Royal Norwegian Embassy  

18:00 onwards

Networking Reception


Event Timings

November 14, 2018, 10:00 am - November 14, 2018, 6:00 pm
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