BLive, CredR partners to provide stress-free upgrade to e-scooters

BLive, CredR partners to provide stress-free upgrade to e-scooters

Image Courtesy: BLive Electric Bike Tours

CredR (the Omni-channel two-wheeler SED consumer brand) and BLive (the electric bike tourism platform) has announced that they have partnered for a scheme under which users can exchange petrol-based two-wheeler with e-scooters sold on the BLive store. While exchanging the old two-wheeler, CredR will offer immediate quotes for old petrol scooters, thus reducing the upfront cost of BLive e-bikes.

“Users will be provided a hassle-free exchange of used two-wheelers for electric bikes and will receive their new vehicle within days. An instant price quote/estimate will be generated through the proprietary pricing application powered by CredR. To complete the transaction, CredR will authenticate the documents and the health of the petrol two-wheeler. The exchange price will then be attuned against the final cost of the new BLive electric two-wheeler,” CredR said in a statement.

At present, the programme is applicable in Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Bangalore, and Pune, and will soon be extended to other cities across India.

Sasidhar Nandigam, Chief Strategic Officer, CredR, said, “At present, electric mobility contributes to less than 1 percent of the two-wheeler market, and this can only increase from here. We are excited to partner with BLive in bringing about this shift in the market.”

Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Co-Founder, BLive, added, “With CredR, obtaining an EV becomes simpler with consumers getting the advantage of not distressing about the older two-wheeler they own. We see this as a very strategic partnership.”

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