TP Renewable Microgrid commissions its 100th solar microgrid project in Ratnapur, UP

TP Renewable Microgrid commissions its 100th solar microgrid project in Ratnapur, UP

Image Courtesy: TP Renewable Microgrid

While the Government of India has achieved 100 percent electrification under the Saubhagya scheme, communities in Indian states, especially, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh still have unreliable power supply and face unscheduled power cuts. Many of the micro-enterprises still use non-grid sources of electricity to run their machines such as atta chakki, oil expellers, etc. To bridge this gap, TP Renewable Microgrid (TPRMG), a 100 percent subsidiary of Tata Power shall provide a cheap and reliable power supply through an off-grid AC microgrid solution. TPRMG announced that it has commissioned its 100th solar microgrid project in a remote & small village of Ratnapur, Uttar Pradesh on 26th November 2020, coinciding with its first anniversary.

This 30kW microgrid project harnesses energy from the sun using solar panels. The microgrid has a battery as an energy storage system. For the back-up power supply, a DG-set has been installed in the microgrid itself, enabling a 24x7 power supply to the community.

With the commissioning of Ratnapur project, the total installed capacity of TPRMG’s solar microgrid projects stands at 3MW. The company took 10 months to commission its first 100th microgrid in spite of COVID-19 restrictions however, it is now focusing to commission its next 100th microgrid in less than four months’ time. Currently, there are around 50 projects which are in various stages of project execution.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement. It is a huge milestone for us to be able to commission our 100th Microgrid within less than a year. This also marks TPRMG’s first anniversary. Through our off-grid solutions like solar microgrids, we wish to help rural communities in India to meet their urgent power needs in a quick and economical manner. This project will not only provide reliable power supply to the villages but also work towards improving the livelihood and bring about socio-economic development of the community as a whole,” said Mr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power Company Limited.

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