Valeo launches fully integrated compact electric powertrain system in India

Valeo launches fully integrated compact electric powertrain system in India

Image Courtesy: Valeo

Valeo, the French global automotive supplier, has announced that it has introduced a fully integrated compact electric powertrain system in India.

The advanced powertrain system technology Valeo claims will aid electrification at an affordable cost for small mobility vehicles which are extensively used for first and last-mile connectivity in the country.

"These 48V systems from Valeo are ideal for two- and three-wheeler electrification in India," the company said in its official statement. 

Earlier this year, Valeo introduced this technology in the European market and is now bringing it to India as an ideal solution to power the electrification needs of two - and three-wheelers that make up the vast majority of motor vehicles on the Indian roads. 

Commenting on the product, Jayakumar G, Group President – Valeo India, said: "We understand that the small mobility market needs are different from the passenger car market. Hence, this 48V integrated compact electric powertrain technology is the ideal solution to address the unique electrification needs of vehicles in the first and last-mile connectivity in our country."

“We are committed to driving the vehicle electrification in India through our innovative, customizable, and affordable technologies," Mr. Jayakumar added.

Valeo’s Special Vehicle Application team in France along with the team in India is already working with key local players to introduce this technology in the market.

As per the company, the versatile compact electric powertrain system is an integrated solution capable of serving as a "single solution that will meet all the power needs for a wide range of two and three-wheeler formats in India."

With the mission of developing innovative vehicle technologies that reduce CO2 emissions, so far, Valeo has developed 12 technology platforms, of which eight are focused on electrification. Valeo offers both low and high-voltage solutions and its technologies power all types of vehicles from e-2W to e-3W, from urban vehicles to premium sedans and SUVs.