Volkswagen to use high-nickel battery cells for EVs

Volkswagen to use high-nickel battery cells for EVs

German auto giant Volkswagen will raise the amount of nickel used in its electric car battery cells to 80 percent by next year from current 65 percent said Frank Blome, Head of Battery Cells at the carmaker.

Volkswagen's current electric car battery cell contains 65 percent nickel, 15 percent cobalt, and 20 percent manganese. With the new decision, the next-generation batteries will contain 80 percent nickel, 10 percent cobalt, and 10 percent manganese.

Volkswagen is embarking on a mass production push to build three million electric cars by 2025, requiring 300-gigawatt hours’ worth of battery cells, mainly in Asia and Europe, Blome said.

Blome added that the company plans on ramping up manufacturing battery packs at a scale that will help carmaker to cut battery cell costs far below $100 per kilowatt-hour by 2025, he said.


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