The Energy & Resources Institute – TERI



The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is a leading think tank dedicated to conducting research for the sustainable development of India and the Global South.

TERI was established in 1974 as an information centre on energy issues. However, over the following decades, it made a mark as a research institute, whose policy and technology solutions transformed people's lives and the environment.

TERI's key focus lies in promoting:

  • Clean energy
  • Water management
  • Pollution management
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Climate resilience


Tackle issues of concern to Indian society, and the world at large, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Enhance networking for sustainable interventions

Realize potential for national and international leadership as a knowledge-based agent of change in the fields of energy, environment, other natural resources and sustainable development.

Inspire and reach out to diverse stakeholders for realizing a shared vision of global sustainable development could be translated into action.


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New Delhi - 110 003, INDIA
Tel. (+91 11) 2468 2100 and 41504900
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