PowerShield specializes in battery monitoring and battery management systems for mission critical operations relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank.

The continuous data sampling, reporting and battery management capability of Power Shield systems delivers reduced costs, gives you peace of mind, and most importantly – ensures that you have batteries that perform when needed.

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PowerShield systems use a modular approach for battery monitoring. This means that by selecting from a range of options the system can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. VRLA or VLA (wet cells), lead acid or Ni-Cd – PowerShield has a solution that meets your requirements to get the best out of your battery assets.

The Sentinel monitor is the heart of a PowerShield battery monitoring system. It captures, processes and stores data from a range of sensors – including monoblock voltage, impedance and temperature, string voltage and current, plus ambient temperature.

PowerShield battery monitoring systems can be configured to operate as stand-alone systems or to integrate with existing facility management systems or DCIM solutions such as Foreseer, Struxure Ware, Trellis, and Siemens BMS.


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