Leclanché Working On Energy Storage System For Fastned’s EV Fast-Charging Stations

The noted energy storage firm Leclanché SA is now working to develop an energy storage system to be used at Fastned’s electric vehicle fast-charging stations in Europe. This new partnership will first lead to the installation of systems at two of the Dutch EV charging network’s facilities.

The plan is for Leclanché’s scalable large-format lithium-ion battery systems to help reduce stress on the grid by functioning as a buffer, and also as a means of increasing charging capacity. The plans are meant to be integrated with on-site solar energy installations.

The CEO of Leclanché, Anil Srivastava, commented on the news: “Fastned is one of the most advanced fast charging organisations in the world and we are delighted to become the company’s energy storage partner. Our flexible and scalable battery solutions enable us to support businesses in a wide range of situations, from our work with Fastned to vast grid-scale projects such as in Canada, where we are building North America’s largest fast charging network, to electric buses and ferries, through to creating battery swap solutions for small vehicles in countries where grids may be less reliable.” The claim of “North America’s largest fast charging network” is a bit unclear. Presumably, it’s in regard to this project (34 fast charging stations), but that obviously doesn’t compare to what Tesla and EVgo have installed

The press release provides more: “Leclanché’s system will recharge the battery storage units during off-peak times at considerable cost-savings and reduction in stress to the grid. Leclanche and Fastned will make fast charging smart while improving the customer experience.

“… In July, Leclanché announced its partnership with eCAMION and SGEM to build and operate a network of 34 fast charging EV stations along the Trans-Canada Highway, with installation of the stations from the second quarter of 2018, after trials.

“This followed the company’s June announcement of a worldwide deal with Skoda Electric in which Leclanché will provide Skoda Electric with batteries for its electric bus expansion strategy. Leclanché is also in advanced negotiations with an automotive systems integrator for a large volume battery solutions contract in India for which test units are being shipped shortly.”

It seems that the company has been very busy as of late — in a very positive way.

In related news, Fastned was recently granted a €4.1 million subsidy by the government of Germany, to be used for an EV fast-charging station buildout there — so Fastned’s plans for rapid expansion seem to be continuing along nicely, with some countries apparently seeing the value in helping them along.

Source- Clean Technica