Goa govt's ambitious Solar Policy to be notified this week:Min

will notify its ambitious Solar Policy, which aims at generating 150 MW of power by the year 2022, this week.

The draft policy was approved by the state cabinet in July this year after which it was open for suggestions from the general public and stakeholders.


"The Solar Policy will be notified this week. It is almost finalised. The file has gone to the Chief Minister for his signature," Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar told reporters here on the sidelines of a function.

He said that though the policy was kept open for suggestion, no major changes have been done.

"There were few suggestions made which have been incorporated in the policy," the minister said.

The draft policy which was unveiled in July this year aims to generate 150 MW of power by 2022.

The policy, prepared by the state-run Energy Development Agency (GEDA),was kept open for suggestions and objections from the public and stakeholders till July 14.

Under the policy, the state aims to provide 150 MW of solar power to the grid by 2022, as per the draft available on the website of GEDA.

Since is eco-sensitive, thermal energy generation is not possible.

Thus, has to entirely depend on the thermal energy from other states, the draft said.

"To attain self-reliance in power generation and to promote clean source of power generation, the solar policy is being adopted.

"This would result in reduction of carbon emissions," it says.

"is richly endowed with moderate climate and bright sunshine for almost 8-9 months in a year for generating solar power," the draft said.

The challenge before the state is not only to meet the ever-growing demand for power, but also to progressively increase the share of renewable sources, so as to achieve an overall energy security, it says.

Source: Business Standard