2-wheelers, e-rickshaws lead EV adoption as infra remains poor

While electric four-wheelers have been hampered by the near-absence of charging stations and a lack of options, not to mention a huge price gap with fossil fuel-burners, sales of e-scooters and three-wheelers have been surging.

According to the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), EV sales doubled in volume in 2017-18 compared to the previous year, and is maintaining momentum. EV sales this year have already achieved the 2017-18 level, which saw 56,000 units sold. However, almost all the growth is being driven by e-scooters.

“Lithium battery speed electric scooters are certainly seeing traction. However, the total volume of electric scooters this year is still less than a lakh units..,” noted Sohinder Gill, DG, SMEV, noting that petrol model sales hit 2 crore units.

However, the largely unregulated e-rickshaw market has exploded, with 850,000 sold in 2017-18, taking their number to 1.75 million. But, with the Centre’s recent notification exempting all EVs from permits, most of this volume could be taken over by e-Autos. According to sources, nearly 36 lakh applicants were awaiting permits for these before the exemptions.

Source- The New Indian Express