Grid deviations must be severely penalised: Power Minister R K Singh

India needs to curb power grid deviations through stringent penalties to ensure safety of the national transmission system, power minister R K Singh said today.

“Grid deviations need to be penalised at a higher level. We need to increase the penalty to make sure the different systems that are connected to the grid are conscious about entering the system,” Singh said at the launch of a Weather Information Portal by Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO).

Singh also said India is considered to have one of the biggest power grids in the world and regulators should not tolerate even marginal deviations in the grid code and grid discipline.

“Any deviations in the grid discipline can have catastrophic effects. So, the regulator for the grid must make sure that this message goes across the entire system that the grid code is followed and that any deviation will be dealt with penalty,” he said.

The Weather Information Portal for the Indian Power System focuses on providing information in the form of forecasts to system operators from 450 locations across India. It helps in providing information about rain, cyclones, heatwaves, cold-waves, and other such events which have impact on power transmission lines.

"The portal will also help the discoms in getting cheapest power available by just a little bit of advance understanding of the next day’s requirement. We need to put more automated systems so that any disturbance can be taken care of automatically without human intervention to the extent possible," power secretary A K Bhalla, who was also present on the occasion, said.

The portal also helps in fog monitoring through satellite imaging that leads to tripping due to condensation. The information provided by the portal can be utilised for maintaining load and generation balance during bad weather conditions.

Source- ET Energyworld