India’s first Ikea store opens with deliveries by solar powered electric rickshaws

The first Ikea store in India is now open, and the store will be using a form of delivery vehicle that might seem strange to many westerners: electric rickshaws.

The electric rickshaws are meant to comprise at least 20% of the new Ikea store’s delivery fleet and will be helpful for navigating India’s notoriously dense traffic and for deliveries in areas with tight winding streets.

Electric motorcycles and rickshaws are growing increasingly popular in India, with a number of companies offering various designs for the local market.

Ikea’s electric rickshaws will be charged at their store using 4,000 solar panels installed on the building’s roof. The excess electricity will be used to provide electricity for lighting and other uses inside the store.

Ikea has been making inroads towards more sustainable and greener energy practices around the world. Around 90% of their stores globally derive at least some of their power from solar panels.

In addition, Ikea has been hard at work installing solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles in their parking lots, with the goal of eventually providing EV charging for all customers and employees.

Source- Electrek