‘Meeting rooftop solar target of 40 GW will be a challenge’

Achieving the 2022 target of 40 GW of rooftop solar capacity will be a challenge and will require considerable innovation, according to Manu Srivastava, Principal Secretary, New and Renewable Energy Department, Madhya Pradesh.

The slow pace of rooftop solar capacity addition in the country could largely be attributed to distribution companies in power surplus States viewing rooftop solar as competition, he added.

On Wednesday, Madhya Pradesh will invite bids for 33 MW of solar rooftop capacity, over and above the State’s current capacity of 20 MW. “We identified 567 buildings on which solar rooftop projects are to be developed and did a detailed analysis of each building,” Mr. Srivastava said in an interview. “There is a data room for each building. In them, there is a Google coordinate of the building, and on Google Maps, we have superimposed the proposed layout of the panels, looking at the rooftop available, the shadows that fall on that rooftop, etc.”

‘Clarity spurs low tariffs’

“So, the developer will know how many panels are needed, how many inverters, the electricity bills of past six months,” he added. “They have this information at the time of bidding.”

This would help remove considerable uncertainty on capital cost estimates for developers, which could lead to lower tariffs as developers otherwise build the uncertainty into the bid amounts, Mr. Srivastava said.

Source- The Hindu