Home ministry plans to drive in electric vehicles, replace diesel

The Union ministry of home affairs (MHA) is planning to switch to electric vehicles and replace diesel-guzzling vehicles, including heavy trucks and buses, and encourage use of solar and wind energy instead of generators as power backups, senior government officials said.

This comes as part of MHA’s gogreen 2022 road map which it seeks to achieve by reducing dependency on oil and gas that annually costs seven central armed police forces (CAPFs) around Rs 500 crore. Through these initiatives, the ministry officials believe they can cut down reliance on oil and gas by 10% by 2022.

In a meeting chaired by MHA joint secretary (PM) Vivek Bhardwaj late last month, representatives from CRPF, ITBP, BSF and other central armed protection forces (CAPFs) came together to prepare a blueprint for energy efficiency initiatives which are in sync with central government’s push to look for alternative power consumption means.

Power minister RK Singh had recently reached out to Central government agencies for adoption of electric vehicles. The power ministry has offered to supply electric cars to central government departments, which can either lease or purchase them — a move that can raise demand for such vehicles by about 5 lakh, ET had reported on April 13.

“The government may also use electric buses for mass movement of security forces in Naxalite areas, as electric vehicles are mostly noiseless and can assure safe movement of forces,” said an industry executive who did not wish to be quoted.

The home affairs ministry will have to amend ‘approved list of vehicles’ to allow CAPFs to purchase electric vehicles, it was pointed out in the meeting. The ITBP, in consultation with all CAPFs, was asked to submit a proposal for inclusion of electric vehicles in the MHA-approved list of vehicles. It was further argued that the cost of electric vehicle procurement is much higher than petrol and diesel cars.

For acquisition of electric cars, there is a need to revise net dealer price (NDP) ceiling of Rs 4.75 lakh fixed by ministry of finance for purchase of any car. “A proposal for revision of NDP ceiling for purchase of electric cars, if required may be submitted by ITBP for taking up the matter with ministry of finance,” the representatives decided.

Source- ET Energyworld