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A focused conference and exhibition covering policy, regulatory, economic, research, technology, business and application issues associated with Energy Storage, both as a disrupting and an enabling technology. 

with the theme:

“Showcasing energy storage technologies and applications as an enabling and disruptive technology.”


  • Utility scale battery energy storage
  • Utility scale pumped water energy storage
  • Utility scale railway based potential energy storage
  • Energy storage for industrial, commercial and domestic applications
  • Energy storage for electric vehicles
  • Energy storage and smart grids
  • Energy storage for micro grid applications
  • Fuel cell energy storage and applications
  • Energy storage for remote power supplies for telecoms and other applications
  • Hydrogen energy storage
  • Integration of energy storage with other flexible generation sources (like power from gas), to complement variable energy and renewable energy (wind, solar) generation
  • Energy storage for power quality, synthetic inertia and frequency control for power systems
  • UPS and other standby power supply applications
  • Energy storage for consumer electronic products
  • Energy harvesting and storage

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Event Timing
28 November 2017 TO 30 November 2017
10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM