Customized Energy Solutions

Customized Energy Solutions India Pvt. Limited is a subsidiary of the US-based Customized Energy Solutions ("Customized"), which was founded in 1998 by its current President and owner, Stephen Fernands. Customized currently serves over 300 clients around the world across the value chain in the energy industry in various aspects of wholesale electric services, retail electric services, demand response services, natural gas services, renewable energy services, and other consulting needs. Clients include a variety of types of organizations including:

  • Electric Utilities including Investor owned and Public Power entities
  • Independent Power Producers (Merchant Generation)
  • Competitive Load Serving Entities / Distribution companies
  • End Use Wholesale Commercial and Industrial Customers
  • Technology developers & System Integration
  • VCs, Investment Banks and Hedge Funds
  • Other (demand response only entities, federal agencies, environmental entities, etc.

In 2010, Customized joined the Indian Energy Exchange ("IEX") as a Professional Member and is a licensed trader. In India, Customized is currently pursuing electricity trading, Renewable Energy Certificates trading, demand response services along with consulting services. IESA is the latest offering in this gamut and Customized intends to create a level platform for the growth of Energy Storage in India in the right direction with this platform.