IESA Knowledge Partner Network (KPN)

The India Energy Storage Alliance is a service provided by Customized Energy Solutions to promote Electric Energy Storage (EES) technologies and applications in India. IESA does this by creating awareness among various stakeholders to make the Indian industry and power sector more competitive and efficient, and by promoting information exchange with the end users to assist with more informed decision making. IESA also provides insights to technology developers and system integrators on the policy landscape and business opportunities in India through frequent interaction with key stakeholders. With response received from the storage industry across the globe, the IESA is quickly gaining a strong foothold across various stakeholders and technology providers.

To further the growth of awareness about storage and the application of storage to solve electricity system problems, the IESA has launched the Knowledge Partner Network (IESA-KPN) in 2012 for an open and transparent information exchange that will assist with decision making. IESA welcomes proactive Indian state owned utilities and regulatory commissions, statutory central government bodies like power research institutes, leading power transmission utilities, Special Economic Zone (SEZ)/ townships, telecom towers and infrastructure industry, industries (metals, petroleum etc.), storage supply chain vendors / manufacturers, universities / research groups, renewable companies (solar and wind) and other key market participants in the storage arena to take part in this alliance to broaden the vision and help realize the key goal of the IESA.

IESA Knowledge Partner Network (KPN) – Membership

Aim of IESA KPN network is to help members understand the various energy storage technologies, business applications and intertwined policy/regulatory issues. IESA team will work with KPN members to help them make an informed decision on technology adoption, target markets and conduct promotional/marketing activities of their products and services. The key privileges and benefits are highlighted in below table.