IESA KPN SEZ / Township

The Government of India announced the introduction of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in April 2000 to achieve various objectives such as generation of additional economic activity, promotions of exports of goods and services, promotion of investment from domestic and foreign sources, creation of employment opportunities and development of infrastructure facilities. In India around 587 SEZs have been formally approved by the Government of India as on December 31, 2011.

Apart from SEZ, various developers are developing townships, I.T. Parks, Industrial areas etc. in the different States. As per the township policy, it is the prime responsibility of the developers to provide necessary infrastructure and quality and continuous power to the customers in the respective areas to be developed by them. These developers can install their own Captive Power Plant or purchase power through Open Access in order to meet their electricity requirement. Various State Electricity Distribution Companies have also started appointing Distribution Franchisees for particular area with the primary objective of facilitating reduction of distribution losses and improvement in collection efficiency. These Franchisees can also have option for the making necessary arrangement to source power in case of non-availability of power from State Electricity Distribution Company. This provides an opportunity for the township developers for integration of energy storage technology in order to meet their energy requirement during non-availability of power from State Electricity Distribution Company.

Why join IESA - KPN?

IESA KPN brings the latest advancements in Energy Storage from around the world to India. Specific storage solutions are assessed for their suitability and long term relevance, taking into account the local conditions for a sustainable growth. IESA also has an active dialogue with the concerned state and central statutory bodies in terms of policy regulations and framework to make the overall roadmap conducive and become future ready.