IESA KPN Financial Institutions

Finding the right investor is the most important thing for technology developers trying to scale-up their technology. In India VC market is under developed. Many VCs act mainly like PEs, however in recent times there are few significant investments from VC into renewable companies. Macro-economic conditions are still not very conducive to fund raising. Stock performance of few handful storage companies which are public does not help in building investor confidence. However storage companies are trying to differentiate themselves by either concentrating on specific product offering for targeted industries or by focusing on specific component in storage value chain. Building strong pipeline of projects is the key to attract investments in the company. VCs and financial institutions in India who are interested in renewable energy and smart grid will be watching developments in energy storage space.

Why join IESA - KPN?

IESA will try to educate regulators and policy makers in terms of overall benefits of energy storage and policies that can drive investments. IESA will also continue dialogue with strategic investors, PEs and VCs in India. Based on their feedback IESA will try to come up with solutions to boost investor confidence.