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MoSPI Energy Statics company Energy indicators are being brought out by CSO as part of Energy Statistics for the use of policymakers as well as for comprehensive reporting. Indicators play a vital role by turning data into information for policymakers and help in decision-making. Keeping in view the importance of Energy Goal no 7 of Sustainable Development Goals, “Double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency” has been accounted in the form of an indicator i.e. “Energy intensity measured in terms of prima 2018-04-09 Click Here
Valuing-Resilience_NREL company

Valuing the Resilience Provided by Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems


Researchers from NREL and Clean Energy Group found that placing a monetary value on the ability of solar+storage to avoid losses during grid outages can significantly impact project economics and system design. Using data from Southern California Edison, researchers analyzed the economic case for solar+storage for three customer types (school, office building, and hotel) in Anaheim, California

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Standardization of Protocol for EV Charging Infrastructure Bharat Public EV Charger Specifications company

Electric vehicle charging stations in will have to follow a common standard approved by the government, which has accepted a panel's suggestion to have a uniform infrastructure across the country. 

The standardization of charging infrastructure will

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A study by ISGF on Implementation Plan for Electrification of Public Transportation in Kolkata company

India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) with support from Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF) has conducted a First of a Kind (FOAK) study and prepared an Implementation Plan for Electrification of Public Transportation in Kolkata for making transport electrification targets of Government of India a reality. The study has a valuable contribution of West Bengal Transport Corporation, World Bank, CESC and Ideation Technologies. Though it is prepared for Kolkata, most of the findings and recommend

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NREL report on Grid Integration Study company

The IESA Policy Working Group Meeting was held on 13th July 2017. The

2017-11-03 Click Here
NITI Aayog report on National Energy Policy draft company

The IESA Policy Working Group Meeting was held on 13th July 2017. The report by Click Here

GIZ report company

The IESA Policy Working Group Meeting was held on 13th July 2017. The GIZ Report on Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy was discussed at the meeting to formulate recommendations to be sent to the respective authorities.


2017-11-03 Click Here
Report by Forum of Regulators company

Forum of Regulators recently released a report on 'Study on Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Grid'. In line with this, IESA will be organizing a webinar on 8th November 2017. 

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Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA) Whitepaper company

This whitepaper, prepared by Strategen Consulting for the Global Energy Storage Alliance, with generous funding support by the Wells Fargo Foundation. provides clear and practical guidance on how electric utilities can procure energy storage resources to perform as electric resources used to balance supply and demand on the electric grid. It includes an introduction to energy storage technologies and applications, example utility procurements and storage pilots, as well as links to helpful re

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Outcome of India Energy Storage Policy Forum company

IESA recently hosted an Energy Storage Policy Forum event involving Govt. Officials and Industry stakeholders to discuss policy interventions needed to encourage manufacturing and development of electric vehicles and energy storage in India

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