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System Integrators KPN

System Integrators KPN

With the advent of various smart grid projects being implemented across the country with a broad classification as Power, ICT (Information and Communication), Grid optimization, Demand Response, Distributed generation and Energy Storage, EV and smart charging, the focus primarily for executing agencies has been integration of ICT into the T&D network up till now, but new reforms and the upcoming strategic roadmap identifies Grid optimization, Energy Storage and EV infrastructure as key aspects in the Smart Grid evolution in India.

Various applications such as in Microgrids, community aggregated energy storage, EV infrastructure development, high PV penetration on distribution feeders, renewable energy firming, ancillary services are fast becoming the need of the hour and implementing agencies need to keep themselves abreast of the current and future developments.

Why join IESA - KPN?

IESA KPN brings the latest advancements in Energy Storage from around the world to India. Specific storage solutions are assessed for their suitability and long term relevance, taking into account the local conditions for a sustainable growth. IESA also has an active dialogue with the concerned state and central statutory bodies in terms of policy regulations and framework to make the overall smart grid roadmap conducive and become future ready.

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